Perpetual Demand Creation is an agile solution that can augment & scale a marketer’s efforts, whether they are starting their technology stack build from the ground up or just fine-tuning it. The methodology is anchored by original content creation, which is driven through robust media channels, amplified by innovative behavioral marketing techniques, and refined by data intelligence. The goal is to close the loop with sales data through feedback channels in order to truly expose ROI and leverage that data set to help the artificial intelligence systems learn and evolve.

While marketers and content creators work on the front end of the Platform, data reigns in the background. Business intelligence (BI) dashboards are configured and training is provided so marketers can track marketing performance metrics, their individual buyer’s journey/ROI, and the engagement effectiveness of all content types and topics in real-time.

In addition, any necessary integration work for the marketer’s existing CRM or Marketing Automation platform is set up. In some cases, the marketer’s organization may not have a CRM implemented—for these marketers, a white-labeled platform can be provided and onboarding support can be executed. This is a vital piece of the puzzle, as a solid connection to sales data is critical to close the loop and further expose marketing ROI. For those without a Marketing Automation Platform, behavioral tracking capabilities can also be deployed on the marketer’s web channels.

Data Services

  • BI dashboards (account-based & demographic-based filtering)
  • Integration support for CRM or Marketing Automation Platform
  • Data and list management
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