is a closed-loop marketing solution platform that generates leads at scale through in-depth data and captivating content. Once those leads are obtained, they are nurtured through the cycle using more data and content, driving them endlessly closer to a closed sale.

First, the Advantage team opens a conversation with the marketer to understand which of their pain points are most serious, the current progress of their individual technology journey, and the demographics of their ideal target personas. From there, a project manager is assigned to work with the marketer, establishing mutually agreed-upon “Demand Unit” stage definitions and ROI values for touch points.

Once content has been established, traditional branding marketing tactics like viewable display banners, newsletter banners, remarketing banners, and video sponsorships are deployed to start the marketing “air war” and build momentum.

The demand generation team then steps in to utilize content marketing tactics like custom targeted email blasts, paid social media campaigns with look-alike audiences, and programmatic inventory buys leveraging third-party data providers. These efforts are fueled by combining the marketer’s existing content library with the ToFu content pieces, then applying data intelligence from BI dashboards.

A Demand Orchestration Engine then uses this richly tagged content and prospect behavioral data to drive contextual and personalized content recommendations on all media channels.

Marketing Services

  • Native and traditional ads on Advantage website and daily newsletter channels
  • Personalized and contextual content & ad recommendations
  • Account-based or demographic-based targeting
  • Programmatic advertising - Advantage audience remarketing and third-party data targeting for new prospects
  • LinkedIn/Facebook ads using matched/lookalike audiences
  • Call outreach
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